Board of Directors Actions – April 2020

Caryle Towers Condominiums Board of Directors and Management Team held the April 2020 meeting via teleconference. Here are the Board actions.

Due to the novel coronavirus and social distancing orders, the Board of Directors and Management Team held the meeting via teleconference. Please note that all actions will be ratified at the next open meeting.

  • The Board unanimously accepted the proposal by Commercial Waterproofing Inc., in the amount of $376,905 to perform exterior maintenance to the South Building. Additionally, the Board unanimously approved the purchase of a Payment & Performance Bond at a cost of $7,600, bringing the total project cost to $384,505. Commencement of the project is contingent on the duration of the Virginia Governor’s “Stay at Home” Executive Order.
  • The Board unanimously approved the purchase of two sets of black TNR rubber garage doors – for the East and West Buildings – in the amount of $84,804 from Overhead Doors. A unanimous approval for Overhead Door’s annual preventative maintenance contract in the amount of $4,272 was also accepted. Installation of the garage doors is contingent on the Virginia Governor’s “Stay at Home” Executive Order.
  • The Board voted unanimously to approve the date for the 2020 Annual Meeting & tentative timeline. The Annual Meeting and Election is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 7:00pm in the Carlyle Room. This date may change, depending on whether the Governor’s “Stay at Home” Executive Order is extended. President Binker asked that Management and the Election Committee Chair discuss an alternative in the event that we cannot hold a meeting.


  • President Binker reported that the bylaw ratification letters will be mailed out to residents on Monday, April 6. He noted that volunteers may wish to call and/or email residents to ensure they respond. He also announced that the Board will approve the minutes from the March 4 meeting and ratify all actions at the next open board meeting.
  • Vice President Mellen asked whether the upcoming maintenance projects will be postponed; Management confirmed that the following projects will be postponed: Garage Cleaning, Window Washing and Bulk Pick-Up, Shred-it & Donate-It Day. She also discussed the importance of implementing an online-bill payer option for residents; Management will bring a recommendation to the May meeting.
  • There are currently 93 units that are leased by unit owners resulting in a current rental ratio of 16%. There are also 11 units that are vacant.
  • 264 residents participated in the SmarTrip Program for the month of March.

Interested residents can review the information presented to the Board; copies of the Board report are available at the front desk for you to review. They are made available the Friday before each Board meeting. The Board generally meets the first Wednesday of each month.

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