Board Actions – December 2019 Meeting

The Carlyle Towers Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month in the Carlyle Room. Here are the December 2019 actions.

The Carlyle Towers Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month in the Carlyle Room. The meeting is called to order at 7:00 p.m. All residents are invited to attend. More information about the decisions below will be included in the next issue of The Chronicle.

There were eight residents in attendance at the meeting. During the Open Forum session, a South Building resident noted that the ground lights in the Dog Walk Area appear dim. Another South Building resident asked Treasurer Cawley to explain the cause(s) of the budget overages for fiscal year 2019. Next, a South Building resident commented that the Dog Walk Area looks very nice. Finally, a townhome owner thanked the Board and Management on behalf of all other townhome residents for the approval of the front door re-painting.

  • The Board unanimously approved the November 6 meeting minutes.
  • The Board unanimously approved to amendthe agenda to add the Angel Tree Project (a donation campaign) under New Business.
  • The Board unanimously approved the Angel Tree Project. More information will be posted on BuildingLink, easels, and bulletin boards.
  • The Board unanimously approved the replacement of the DesertAire Unit in the East Building spa at a cost of $35,387.
  • The Board unanimously approved an expenditure in the amount of $9,191 for the replacement of the backflow preventer and associated valve in the East Building pump room.
  • The Board unanimously approved the replacement of the West Building’s rooftop Reznor Units A & B at a cost not to exceed $15,500.
  • The Board unanimously approved the Replacement Reserve Committee’s request to allow Thomas Downey, Ltd., to create a Statement of Work (boilerplate) template for potential engineering firms at a not-to-exceed amount of $3,000.


  • President Binker reported on the recent East/South Building water shutoff during the backflow preventer replacement; he also mentioned that the East Building booster pump will need to be replaced this fiscal year, which will also require a total building shutoff.
  • Treasure Cawley reported that the Association is better than budget by $19K.
  • Vice President Mellen commended the Engineering and Management teams on ample and prompt notification of the East/South building water shutoff. She also reminded residents to promptly pick up packages, as there is little space in the receiving room.
  • Secretary Audrain inquired about the allocation of taxes with respect to the interest earned on reserves.
  • Director Bairstow relayed that a resident asked if the remaining tree stump in the newly updated Dog Walk Area will be removed; Management is working with Chapel Valley to have it removed. She also reminded everyone of the French horn holiday concert in the West Building lobby on Sunday, December 15 at 4:00 PM.
  • Vice President Mellen and Secretary Audrain provided a smoking report which may be found on BuildingLink.
  • Mr. Tap, Chair of the Energy Committee, provided the Board with a PowerPoint presentation from the committee.
  • There are currently 91 units that are leased by owners; this is equivalent to a rental ratio of 16%. (There are also 12 units that are vacant.)
  • 257 residents participated in the SmarTrip program for the month of November.

Interested residents can review the information presented to the Board; copies of the Board report are available at the front desk for you to review. They are made available the Friday before each Board meeting. The Board generally meets the first Wednesday of each month.

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