You Don’t Need a Car at Carlyle Towers

Zipcar in the Carlyle neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia

Get a FREE 1-year membership with Zipcar reimbursement in Alexandria, Virginia

In addition to being very walkable and near public transportation, Carlyle has a plethora of Zipcar locations in the neighborhood. So, you don’t need a car while you live here at Carlyle Towers. Car sharing with Zipcar saves you hundreds over car ownership.

Zipcar and the City of Alexandria, Virginia have put together a special program for residents. Join Zipcar and City of Alexandria will refund your application fee and your first year’s annual membership fee. There are many Zipcar locations in Alexandria, Virginia (see map below).

This program is only available to Alexandria, VA residents and businesses. Cannot be used with other offers of discounts.

More details on this and to learn how to receive reimbursement, visit this link.

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