Mayor Bill Euille’s State Of The City 2012 (Video)

Mayor William D. Euille delivers the 2012 State of the City Address, outlining our community’s accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities as Alexandria moves forward into the future. Recorded in neighborhoods and locations throughout the City, Mayor Euille discusses topics such as the economy, quality of life, public safety, education, development, and transportation.

Reminder: Have You Signed Up For Bike To Work Day 2012 Yet? (Video)

Our Carlyle community is hosting a Bike To Work Day pit stop this May. Learn more at this link and SIGN UP TODAY! There will be prizes, raffles, free bike repairs, and more.

Sometimes, the greatest way to make an environmental impact is through individual action. Bike to Work Day is an annual, national day of local action where individual bikers make the decision to ride their bike to work. As they meet up with other bikers, their numbers grow to visually demonstrate a growing popular movement. In Washington, DC, the government is responding with programs to accommodate and encourage more bicyclists.