Alexandria Police Warn of “Spoofing” Fraud from Department Phone Number

The Alexandria Police Department is warning citizens that one or more suspects have been fraudulently “spoofing” the City of Alexandria Non-Emergency Line phone number to demand money and threaten arrest if payment is not made.

Anyone who has received a phone call or message from the number 703.746.4444, accompanied by a demand for money to pay outstanding court, traffic fines, or to bring their vehicle to Police Headquarters should not respond to that message, or they should hang up on the caller. No one from the Alexandria Police Department is making those calls.

More than 20 citizens called the Alexandria Police Department today reporting that a male representing himself as a police officer, with the 703.746.4444 number showing on Caller ID, called them. The “scammer” either left a message or threatened them over the phone. The man said they owed money for outstanding court fines, traffic offenses, etc., and asked victims for various ID numbers. It is believed that the suspect would eventually tell victim’s they must immediately pay money to avoid arrest. At this time, no one is known to have complied with the caller’s demands. People receiving the calls have been suspicious and called the non-emergency number back to verify. That is the correct action to take.

The Alexandria Police Department does not contact people and demand money. It appears someone is “spoofing” the non-emergency phone number in an attempt to pass himself off as being from the Police Department. The Alexandria Police Department is investigating this incident.

The 703.746.4444 phone number is still the working non-emergency number. Anyone who calls this number will reach the Department of Emergency Communication; “spoofing” does not work in reverse and when you call 703.746.4444, residents will reach a legitimate City employee.

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