No Solicitation Policy At Carlyle Towers Condominiums

Management would like to remind residents that solicitation is prohibited in the buildings. Individual contractors and companies are not permitted to slide literature under unit doors. If you notice someone distributing information in this manner, please contact the office immediately.

For many reasons, the rules of Carlyle Towers prohibit solicitation in any form.  A Condominium is a captive audience for individuals or businesses that want to advertise.  Be it a resident, fast food deliverer, service provider, or someone else, access to the building by one person makes all residents easy targets as the solicitor goes door-to-door delivering literature.  Management occasionally receives forms of solicitation that have been placed under the doors of our residents.  We then contact the individual or business listed on the solicitation and inform them of the Condominium’s rules.

We ask that you remind your contractors and food delivery individuals that solicitation is prohibited.   Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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