About Those Train Horns Blaring At Night

The City of Alexandria has responded at this link. Join the online forum on our Residents Portal at this link.

CSX has responded to Old Town Alexandria Patch

Residents in Alexandria and surrounding areas may want to buy earplugs. The sound of train horns blaring at night will continue for a few more weeks.

CSX spokesman Bob Sullivan told Patch Thursday the horns are related to track work that CSX began earlier this week. The horns are part of a safety precaution taken to protect workers who are on or near the tracks.

“It’s part of our routine maintenance of our 21,000 miles of railroad in the eastern United States, and they are replacing cross ties and doing some other work,” Sullivan said.

Dozens of residents have complained on various online forums about hearing trains blow their hornes with unusual frequency late at night. Some residents told Patch the noise is preventing them from sleeping well.

read more at this link.

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